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The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story

The feature-length documentary is now finished and available on standard DVD, with BlueRay (720p HD) coming soon (widescreen 16:9, running time 107 minutes). Click here to go to the store and purchase.

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DVD cover

Author's Statement

Being myself the political refugee from Czechoslovakia the story of the fall of communism in Europe became quite personal to me. When I defected to the US in 1980 I was aware that a change is in making and results will be not acceptable to me. I just didn’t believe it would happen so soon. When the collapse started I didn’t pay too much attention to it being busy with starting over my new life in the United States. However, later after dust settled down and I focused my attention on what actually happened, I was amazed how bizarre the whole stunt was. I realized that the collapse of the communism in Europe is one of the most incredible stories of the century and the public should know what really happened.

When I discussed this topic in Prague with the former dissident and political prisoner Petr Cibulka back in 2002, he said to me: “If you are not going to make this film, nobody else ever will.” His remark was pivotal in my decision to make this documentary. Using the old contacts from my previous life in Prague and tapping into resources in the US I started the long, rocky journey to tell this story — a story that nobody wants to hear. I collected an unprecedented body of interviews that, when edited together, paints the big picture of what really happened.

KGB defectors, dissidents, former CIA officials, and documents from secret files of KGB and the Gorbachev’s Library speak for itself. You may not believe what you will hear. But everyone should be aware of what these people have to say and take it into consideration. After all it may be useful for you to find out who framed Roger Rabbit. Because what happened yesterday helps us understand what is happening today and what may happen tomorrow.