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The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story

Tenneth H.Bagley
Andropov was perhaps the key figure in developing of the KGB from mid sixties till his retirement, his death. As head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union he was certainly the key figure in campaign of terror and diversion. He was the key figure in any long range planning for operations to survive invincible changes in Eastern Europe. I know of no one who was in influencing and manipulation senior to Andropov.

I would say they have long-range goals, have no interest whatsoever in supporting, even the survival of the United States, much less the prosperity. So, what may happen in the future is anybodyís guess

Golitsyn was certainly telling the true as he new it. And there comes the other story. Because Golitsyn had a lot of information about penetrations of Western governments, when that information was past to the government it became outraged and unhappy because no government wants to discover in its mist. Itís not in the interest of the government, itís not in the interest of people in power to find out they had been fooled, they had been manipulated and therefore they will take all pieces of information they can to reject this. Itís, again, the human tendency itís undesirable, but itís bureaucratic tendency because itís politically poison.