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The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story

Vladimir Bukovsky
Yuri Andropov was one of the fathers of these changes. He already started in the end of seventies think tanks to work out alternative scenarios. In foreign policies and later economic fields. Mostly everything what Gorbachev was trying implement was worked out theoretically under Andropov in different think tanks patronized by either under KGB or Central Committee. Economic issues were worked together with some Western economists in Austria in the center secretly created by KGB. He was engaged in program of training the next generation; creating a second echelon, third echelon…

Gorbachev himself admitted that. When in a meeting he was blamed that the program of Perestroika was badly thought out and he butchered the process, he said: “It’s not true comrades! When I came to power there were 102 papers formulating what should be done”. He admitted that he was only following orders prepared by Andropov.