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The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story

Joseph D.Douglass
Communism is notoriously known for a central planning. If they decide to self distract the system there must be a plan behind it. It was very carefully orchestrated, obviously it was designed from within, and we even had some indication that something was coming. For example, very notable western spokesman for the Soviet system professor Arbatov had written number of articles which appeared in Western press, said: “We are going to do terrible thing to you. We are going to take away from you your treat”. These comments came a year before the system started to self-destruct. The question in my mind always was why? Obviously it was planed. What was the plan? This is something what even the most anti communists don’t want to address. Communism is dead, lets applaud and take a credit. It seems to be a way to progress. I think that people who thing that danger is over just don’t see too far. In other words we have change in strategy and tactics but no change in goals. But it may be an even stronger treat because it doesn’t receive any attention.

It was promoted in Western media as an end of the communism, almost like a script from the play. But we had something similar in 1920’ when it was promoted like communism was changing in Russia and the West came back to Russia and helped their economy rebuild. It came again after the WW 2 in the form of so-called piece coexistence. And again in 1968 deception known under the name détente. Now we have this Perestroika deception.

The past has gone down in a large memory hole.