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The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story

Oleg Gordievsky
ďIn the early 80ís the CIA and FBI acquired more then 10 excellent agents in the Soviet establishment. Aldrich Aims and Robert Hanssen betrayed them all. In the time between 1985 and 1988 they were all arrested and executed. On the list of Aldrich Aims I, Oleg Gordievsky, was number one. I was a British spy, British agent. I was the only one who survived. And I survived only because the British Service organized for me the escape from the Soviet Union. The escape from the execution.Ē

Russia is now a perfect KGB state. And it will remain like that, forever probably, because there is no other political force to compete with them. Since late 90ís Russia sent so many spies to Germany that now Germany is full of Russian agents. Also KGB is very influential in countries like Finland, Hungary, Yugoslavian Republics, Bulgaria, Austria, and also fairly influential in Italy and France. The perspective plan of the Putinís Russian government is to become the boss of Europe. Thatís why there is so much pressure on the countries that donít want to dance under the Russian pipe.

They (KGB) started to control different business organizations where Mafia was strong. Replacing Mafia. So in a way today itís less organized crime and rather more KGB, which is now, called FSB/SVR. Over the whole world, especially in countries like Austria, Spain, Hungary, there are a lot of organizations looking like Mafia. But itís practically KGB - FSB who runs it. But then when they have too much money, like on the level of the state, they use money to influence other countries. Like offering huge bribes to politicians of the Europe and America. The big money of Russia is now used to influence the political situation in Western countries.