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The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story

Jeff R.Nyquist
Who won the cold war? I don’t think anybody won it. I believe it’s still going on.

Putin is a controversial person. He is, as he described himself, a Soviet person. When he was on the Larry King Live Show, Larry King asked him why he was wearing the cross, trying him to say that he was a Christian. That’s the impression somebody is creating when wearing the cross. Putin couldn’t say he was a Christian and when asked if he believe in Christianity he said, “I believe in power of men”. That’s a very Soviet answer. So Putin is not a democrat, he is not a person the West should trust. He is moving Russia back to a totalitarian order. Step by step, very slowly, in his inauguration they toasted Stalin and that was shocking to some people. In the anniversary celebrations of Cheka, the KGB, the organization that killed tens of millions of Russians, his nickname was “Little Andropov”.

I believe that as a society America rationalizes a way playing down the basic threat to its existence because we want to preserve that good feeling. So we can just go out and start shopping, rent videos and entertain ourselves. Entertain ourselves to death…