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The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story

Ludvik Zivcak
I was the intelligence officer with the objective to create and organize a fake dissident group called Independent Student Organization. This Organization was charged to infiltrate other dissident groups and develop contact with their leaders throughout the Czechoslovakia. The groups like Charta 77, Democratic Initiative, Host, and so on. This objective was achieved. Our organizationís final task was to bring the November 17 studentsí demonstration to Narodni Trida. There was a confrontation, physical contact with the riot police, body of the man on the ground. Other things happened around it to support the fable. The dead body (my body) was then transported to the hospital Na Frantisku. I had false passport, fake ID, and the one-way air ticket to Moscow to leave Czechoslovakia after this operation was over. Everything was set but then, unfortunately, I didnít get the order to leave the country. So till today I have that fake passport and the air ticked to Moscow in my possession.

So, in other words, by 1988 the majority of so called democratic elements or anti-communist elements operating in Czechoslovakia were manipulated by communist secret police. These groups knew they were infiltrated but had no idea who within them was actually working for intelligence or counter intelligence services.